I am  Schutzhund enthusiasts since 1979 . In this time I train some dogs and i was going sometimes as participiants to LGA and BSP .
Our breeding goal is a strong, healthy GSD with absolute drives for schutzhund working ! We breed only 1 - 2 litter in a year, only with absolute top working bitches. We try in the growing up phase to stamp our pups with  much time and experience, for this they are suitable for  top-level sport.


Uwe is  SV Schutzhund Judge for performance in all countries,too and was  over 6 years regional trainings director and head judge for more than 60 clubs!

Schutzhundsport since 1979

Helperwork since 1979

K9 handler from 1982

Gun Dog handler

SV-member since 1980

More than 20 own dogs trained and titled

15x LGA (Regional Championship)

6x BSP (German National Championship)

1x German Championship/ DHV

Breeder of working GSD since 1984

SV – Trainer license

SV-Judge for working

Regional SV—Trainings Director and Headjudge  for 66 Clubs

Member of the SV National Trainings Board


Working as Trainer / Helper / Judge


More than 40 dogs & handler trained to LGA

20 dogs & handler trained for BSP

12 x Teamcaptain BSP LG 02


Judging and Seminars in Germany, Denmark,  Finland,

Holland, Austria, Swiss, Czech, UK (+ Nationals), Ireland (+ 2x

Nationals), Turkey (+ Nationals), Hungary, Ukraine, Russia (+

Nationals),  USA, Canada, Mexico, SA, Australia, NZ, Japan, Thailand










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Tel.:+49 (33674) 55 18,
E-Mail: info@dogtrainer.de

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